She Teaches Him by Rhianna Burwell {Book Review}

I have recently read all of the books that are out in the She Teaches Him series by Rhianna Burwell and I decided to go ahead and just review them all in one post! I will just go ahead and throw it out there, I almost didn't pick up this series because I hate the covers 🤣

BUT, we all know to not judge a book by it's cover. All-in-all, I am glad I picked this series up. So far this series consists of three novellas that are released and one coming out in the fall of 2023. They are all under 100 pages and very quick to get through!

I will also say that my main complaint for these novellas is that it doesn't really feel like our female main character really teaches anything. It just seems like these dudes magically learn how to fuck and yeah... there's not much teaching going on 😖

I'm not going to lie, I rated these all pretty high because I enjoyed the short storylines we got and the smut was pretty damn good. 

Done Right (Book One)

As a grown-ass adult, Emma can't stand the idea of her pleasure being unequal to her partners. After each lousy encounter, she loses more faith in the men on this earth. In a moment of weakness and rage, Emma goes off on Finn Declan, one of the most famous people of her generation. Ranting about your bad sex to a stranger? A bad idea. Accusing said stranger of being crappy in bed? Even worse idea. What starts off as a point to be proven, soon turns into a passion and desire neither of them expected.


Firstly, I love that this book starts out with Emma just walking out in the middle of having sex with a dude that just does not know how to fuck. We love that for you, if you're not having fun just leave. She goes to the bar right after and finds Finn Declan, a famous social media star.

She complains to him that men just don't know what they are doing and that fucking is more than just ramming your cock in. 

This novella was pretty fun and I had a good time reading it. I felt like this novella had the most "teaching" in it. I enjoyed this book for what it was. I just really don't believe that he learned anything to be honest.

Taught Right (Book Two)

What happens when Joey, who just wants to be taught right, hires Ava, who knows exactly how to teach him?

Joey Jacobowitz thought practice would make perfect. He figured if he kept trying, he’d eventually figure out what satisfies women in bed, but it hasn’t happened yet. After his most recent attempt walks out on him right in the middle of the act, Joey decides he needs help. What he needs is someone like Ava.

A lot of people see sex-work as shameful, but Ava honestly loves her job. She makes good money and gets to have lots of orgasms, but what’s she’s missing is a man who sees her as more than a dirty little secret or one night stand. Her connection to Joey is instant, and Ava’s calming energy finally gives Joey the space to really open up. What starts off as a lesson to be taught right, soon turns into something more than Joey and Ava bargained for.

Tropes: One-night stand, she teaches him, sex worker, short and spicy.


So we have Joey, who Emma left in the first book because man just didn't know how to please a woman. Joey hires Ava to teach him how to have sex and please a woman. I love that there is a drive for Joey to find out what he was doing wrong.

Unfortunately, it just seems like he may have just been banging the wrong people because him and Ava just had a grand time and he barely had to learn anything. 

I love the sex positivity in this book. There was zero judgement on Joey's end about what Ava does for a living. That's the main reason for a five-star rating for this novella. 

Fucked Right (Book Three)

What happens when Jace, who has never done this before, gets f*cked right by Callie, who knows exactly what she's doing?

Did you know Finn Declan has a brother? Yeah, neither does the entire world. Jace has lived in his brother's shadow since he was sixteen, but all that has gotten him is bitter jealousy and a tendency to avoid his problems. Not knowing how to compete with Finn, Jace stopped dating completely. He avoided it at all costs, until one day he woke up and realized that his best friend Callie, was everything he could ever want, but it was three years too late.

Callie has been waiting for Jace to make a move for years. It feels pathetic and stupid, but she can't seem to get rid of her stupid crush and the dirty thoughts surrounding her best friend. When feelings are finally exposed, both Callie and Jace have to decide if they should play it safe or finally risk their friendship for the chance to be f*cked right.

Tropes: Friends to lovers, one-night stand, she teaches him, short and spicy.


So we have Jace, who is Finn's brother from the first novella. I'm not going to lie, I don't like Jace. His jealousy over his brother was beyond childish. He is currently in love with his longtime best friend Callie. 

While at a party, they play a drinking game where Callie learns that Jace is a virgin. Later that night Callie walks in on Jace while he was masturbating. She decides to teach him to be with a woman.

Although, he is surprisingly good at sex and making Callie cum. This isn't realistic. That's not why I read it though. The smut in this book was pretty damn good.


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